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Our exceptionally interesting and diversified retail offer includes over 6,000 essential products
to prepare dishes from all over the world, as well as fresh fish and seafood.


Collaborating with us is

We are a reliable Polish company with over thirty years of experience in importing and distributing food products from around the world. We operate throughout Poland, striving to ensure that the store shelves of our customers feature the most original and highest quality products.

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Our products are well-received by both wholesalers and individual customers, making them available at market leaders and specialty stores (nutritious food).

How we support

Depending on the project, we conduct various promotional and post-sales activities in stores, such as animations, tastings, themed events, and more. We willingly participate in internal trade fairs organized for buyers, store directors, booth managers, or franchisees of a given network. Our initiatives include publications in promotional leaflets of retail chains and the organization of online advertising campaigns for specific brands, including collaboration with influencers, YouTubers, and internet creators.


Our top-selling products include authentic, high-quality Thai goods from the prestigious Real Thai brand. Among them is the widely acclaimed coconut milk, regarded as the finest in Poland. We also feature popular fruity carbonated beverages from the globally recognized Chupa Chups brand, enjoyed not only by children. Additionally, our selection includes products from the Poco Loco brand.
certyfikat IFS

IFS Logistics Quality System Certificate

We have IFS Logistics certification, meeting the highest international safety standards for the transportation, storage, and distribution of food. This ensures the legality, safety, and highest quality of delivered goods and services, earning the trust of our customers and partners.

Our Team

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Rafał Majek
Rafał Majek
Director of Foreign and Export Retail Sales
507 088 710
Rafał Sołtysiak
Rafał Sołtysiak
Deputy Director of Foreign and Export Retail Sales
508 064 739
Martyna Kaniuk
Martyna Kaniuk
Sales Coordinator for Foreign and Export Retail
507 088 700
Dominika Szymańska
Dominika Kiraga
Sales Coordinator for Foreign and Export Retail
505 014 420
Tomasz Mazurkiewicz
Tomasz Mazurkiewicz
Regional Coordinator for Western Poland
509 601 927
Krzysztof Dudziak
Krzysztof Dudziak
Regional Coordinator for Southern Poland
507 012 093
Maciej Rowiński
Maciej Rowiński
Sales Representative for the Mazovia region
507 088 846
Tobiasz Kiraga
Tobiasz Kiraga
Regional Coordinator for Eastern Poland
604 960 948
Olga Grzybołowska
Olga Grzybołowska
Customer Service Specialist
505 014 632

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