About us

As Kuchnie Świata S.A., we are an importer and distributor of food products for the following segments: HoReCa, retail chains, own stores network (Delikatesy Kuchnie Świata), and online sales.
Ryszard Dymny
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Food technologist, graduate of SGGW, completed the Foreign Trade Department at SGPIS (currently SGH). He founded the company in Poland in 1990 after returning from West Berlin, where he worked for 5 years as the Polish commercial representative at the Military Assignment in Berlin.
maria dymna chojnacka
Maria Dymna-Chojnacka
President of the Management Board - Managing Director
A graduate of SGGW with a degree in Zootechnics. She completed postgraduate studies at the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Management and Marketing. She has been associated with Kuchnie Świata since 2011.
jarosław rymuszka
Jarosław Rymuszka
President of the Management Board - Financial Chief Officer
A graduate of Politechnika Warszawska as well as MBA Warsaw University of Technology, with an ACCA diploma. Previously worked as a financial auditor at KPM and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has been with Kuchnie Świata since 2000, overseeing financial matters.
anna białas
Anna Białas
Chief Accountant - Procurator
A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at UMCS in Lublin and the Economic Academy in Poznań. Since 2007, she has held the position of the Main Accountant.
joanna kołodziejczyk
Joanna Kołodziejczyk
Business Manager for the HoReCa Department
She graduated from Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania in Warsaw. Associated with Kuchnie Świata since 1996, she manages nine commercial branches across Poland.
rafal majek
Rafał Majek
Business Manager for Foreign Retail and Export
A graduate of Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomiczna Alamamer. Affiliated with Kuchnie Świata since 2009, he’s responsible for collaboration with retail networks.
paweł szostak
Paweł Szostak
Director of Own Stores Network
A graduate of SGGW with a degree in food technology. Affiliated with Kuchnie Świata since 2003, he is responsible for the nationwide network of Kuchnie Świata delicatessens.
marcin wyszkowski
Marcin Wyszkowski
Director of the Purchasing Department
A graduate of the (UW) and SGH. With Kuchnie Świata since 2008, he's responsible for overseeing all company's purchasing processes, especially container purchases from outside the EU.
Tomasz Rakowski
IT Director
A graduate of the Warsaw School of Information Technology (WIT). Associated with Kuchnie Świata since 2002.
beata piątkiewicz
Beata Piątkiewicz
Director of Customer Service and Loan Collection Departments
A graduate of SGGW with a degree in food technology. Affiliated with Kuchnie Świata since 1994, she manages the Debt Collection Department.
dariusz richter
Dariusz Richter
Director of Development
A graduate of Instytut Inżynierii Chemicznej i Procesowej PW. With the company since 2002, he is a specialist in food technology, commodity science, and culinary arts.